Welcome to my followers census! By helping me you're helping me improve my blog :))))
What's your name?

How old are you  {{answer_10659829}}

Did you participate in last year's census?

What gender do you identify as?

What country are you from?

If you live in the United States please include the state (ie: United States, Indiana)
When is your birthday?

How many books do you read a year?

What types of posts do you need trigger warnings on?

Have you read a Katniss Stone book?

What is the first place you go when you get on the internet?

Would you like to read Katniss Stone's new book Immortals?

Are you a smol or tol bean?

What website do you use to read unpublished books?

(I.E. Wattpad, Tumblr, Blogspot, etc.)
Would you like emails from Katniss Stone?

How many hours a day do you spend online?

How would you feel if you were to recieve a gift from Katniss Stone on  your birthday?( {{answer_16054119}} I remember these things)

What are your fave things right now?

How would you rate this census?

Yo {{answer_10659829}}

so basically i clicked on this button because i didn't know what it did but we can pretend it is a bunch of legal stuff so i don't have to delete this question because i'm actually not that sure how to do that.  also i'm refusing to capitalize anything because i feel like it. here are all your answers for this census. {{answer_10659829}}{{answer_16054051}}{{answer_10659835}}{{answer_10659956}}{{answer_10659911}}{{answer_16054119}}{{answer_16054066}}{{answer_10659972}}{{answer_16054061}}{{answer_10659992}}{{answer_16053968}}{{answer_16053885}}{{answer_16054031}}{{answer_16054096}}{{answer_16054044}}{{answer_16054387}}{{answer_16054396}}wow you've spent a lot of time on this. i bet your regretting a lot of this.  honestly i'd click don't accept just in spite at this point but if you'd be willing to actually accept legal stuff if i actually had some.  can you tell it's three am? I think you can.
This isn't related to the census but how many cats do you have?

skip this question if you don't have cats

There's also a dog option so just for fun how many dogs do you have?

skip this question if you don't have a dog

Final question, how would you rate Katniss Stone's blog?

1 being the worst if you didn't already infer this.

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